GPS Adventures

GPS technology is changing the way we live. It can be found in surprising places from automobiles to cell phones and is the backbone of the global treasure hunting game called Geocaching. Geo-what-ing? Geo-caching. Through Geocaching, more than five million people have found the treasure of reconnecting with family, community and nature in a meaningful way. GPS Adventures introduces visitors to the world of navigation and geocaching, opening the door to new and enriching life adventures.

Teach navigation and GPS technology through a live-action experience.
Employ critical thinking skills and memory retention as key drivers of the learning adventure.
Inspire visitors to get off the couch and into the great outdoors with geocaching
Empower visitors to make a difference in their community through responsible and safe outdoor play.

Get lost in the maze and learn how to find your way using GPS! Visitors simulate a GPS adventure using a unique stamp card that leads each visitor to their own Treasure City. By collecting all 4 stamps, the visitor successfully simulates how a GPS unit locks into 4 satellites to determine a location.
But wait, you're in a maze! After navigating around impassable obstacles including waterfalls, cliffs, and ravines, you'll solve cache puzzles in four environments: city, local park, back-country and a historic site to find secret codes and gain access to each of four content-rich satellite rooms:
Satellite Room 1: The History of Navigation - Traditional navigation is complicated. GPS makes it easy.
Satellite Room 2: The Great Outdoors - The outdoors are for everyone. Be prepared, go play and LEAVE NO TRACE.
Satellite Room 3: GPS Today - Geocaching is a hot new GPS-enabled sport of treasure hunting.
Satellite Room 4: The Future of GPS - GPS is changing the way we live.

Once all four stamps are collected, visitors will discover their Treasure City at the World Map Station and can embark on an actual GPS adventure.

Geocaching: A Sport, a Game, a Family Activity
Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. The basic idea is to hide caches (treasures) and post the locations of these caches on the internet. Anyone with a GPS receiver can enter the location's coordinates to find the caches. Then you can log the caches at to show that you've found them.
It sounds easier than it is. The location may be difficult to get to or the cache may be well hidden. There may be a puzzle to solve or information to collect before you can calculate the final location. Or the first cache may contain the location of a second cache containing the location of a third and so on until you find the final cache.



 US Space & Rocket Center, AL
 Ontario Science Centre, ON
 Pacific Science Center, WA
 Adventure Science Center, TN
 Evergreen Museum, OR
 Boonshoft Museum, OH
 Exploration Place, KS
 Turtle Bay Exp. Park, CA
 Maryland Science Center, MD
 The Children's Museum, ON
 Putnam Museum, IA
 Rochester Museum, NY
 Discovery Museum, CT
 Minnetrista Cultural Center, IN
 Corvette Museum, KY

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Themed mazes are powerful kinesthetic learning tools. The synergy between the physical acts of exploring a maze while mentally interacting with the curriculum engages and educates visitors of all ages and creates a memorable experience.