Why Mazes

A maze exhibit provides a physical and mental challenge that is both entertaining and educational. The intrinsic engaging quality of a maze makes the learning experience a memorable one.

Blending education and physical activity, maze exhibits pose questions, create empathy, dispel myths and challenge perceptions. The versatility of the maze as an exhibit medium makes it a unique learning tool for both children and adults. Minotaur's themed programs feature striking graphics, curriculum based activities and immersive theming including visual, sound and tactile interactives. Unlike traditional museum exhibits, the visitor is immersed in the medium as they interact with the curriculum.

With their rugged construction and modular design, Minotaur Mazes can be installed in virtually any space - indoors and outdoors. The interactive element that defines our mazes allows visitors to experience the subject in a hands-on, body-in manner, taking them to the far reaches of discovery and exploration...