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creates interactive worldwide traveling exhibitions. Our unique maze environments engage visitors of all ages, and introduce educational themes of science, sustainability and personal responsibility for the world and its people.


Amazing Butterflies

Amazing Butterflies invites you to shrink down into the undergrowth to become one of the most extraordinary creatures on earth.

Amazing Pollinators

Amazing Pollinators is a visually-stunning, game-based, survival adventure immersing audiences in the colorful and diverse world of pollinators.

American Adventure

American Adventure is an award-winning life-or-death role-play experience that challenges visitors to survive the treacherous landscape of early America.

Dinosaur Revolution

Pterosaur, Plesiosaur, Phytosaur…they look like dinosaurs, spell like dinosaurs. But just because it ends with a “s-a-u-r”, doesn’t mean it begins with a “ROAR!”

Mazes & Brain Games

A colossal collection of mind-bending mazes, 3-D puzzles and full-body games that’s sure to challenge, entertain and amaze visitors, while stimulating critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Mission Aerospace

Explore the history of flight, navigation and NASA’s vision for the future. Experiment with thrust, lift, control surfaces and gyroscopes. Build rockets and paper airplanes, then test them for distance and air-dexterity.

Mission Botanica

Immerse yourself in the great, green world of plants. Develop a connection to Earth’s incredible flora through full body interactives, a Q&A challenge, and a quest to discover local and exotic biodiversity.

Mission Safari

Hang with a sloth and soar like an eagle as you explore Earth’s biodiversity in this multi-layered, interactive adventure. Then learn what you can do to conserve these incredible animals and their habitats.

Rainforest Adventure

Descend through each layer tackling exciting challenges and high-flying adventures. Discover the importance of these critical habitats teaming with plants and animals, and Take a Pledge to Take Action!

Tropical Odyssey

Can you survive as a wild butterfly? Do your odds increase in a farmed setting? Discover sustainable rainforest practices, rescue caterpillars, help feed them, and fly through the rainforest canopy.

Water's Extreme Journey

Water’s Extreme Journey is a front line effort to empower millions of people with the knowledge to create positive, immediate impact through local action.

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