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About Us

Mission Statement:
To engage, inspire and empower through the journey-based medium of interactive mazes.


From the President:
When we began building mazes 30 years ago, I had no idea where these twisting paths would take us. Not only did we arrive at places I hadn’t dreamed of: Caracas, Taipei, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, but we came to an entirely different industry with a completely new mission. What started out as an engaging leisure activity evolved into an immersive learning system. We quickly became as excited about educational value as entertainment value.

Our mazes are still engaging – they can’t help it. But what makes us leap out of bed every morning with new ideas are the educational possibilities. What new topics can we explore using this unique medium? How else can we make a subject accessible, interesting, high energy, and fun to learn.

And as our exhibits evolve and mature, the maze vehicle reveals deeper, more exciting possibilities.

How can we distill complex ideas and present them to a wide range of ages and interests in bitesized experiences that build an understanding of a nuanced whole?

And with each challenge, with each role-play interactive or day-in-the-life vignette, what can I learn? I gain more knowledge and insight. I’m exposed to topical threats. I’m interested in my fate. I care what happens next. I develop empathy for another point of view, issue or condition. Now I’m ready to hear how I can help – how my daily decisions may impact the earth or its inhabitants. Now I’ve learned something that goes beyond the maze, beyond the museum, beyond myself.

This is why we do what we do. Not only for host museums, visitors, partners and sponsors, but for all of us – our communities, our education system and our planet.

With each new exhibit we strive to foster and nurture curiosity, empathy and personal and global responsibility as we seek not simply to educate, but to empower and transform.

Our newest exhibit Amazing Pollinators is our most ambitious yet and we are seeking to spread its urgent conservation messages as broadly as we can. We look forward to taking on new and exciting universal topics in the future: coral reefs, natural selection, emergency preparedness, sustainability? And of course, we’re open to your ideas. Thank you for visiting.

Kelly Fernandi
President & Creative Director

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