• “One of the best exhibits we’ve ever had.”

    COSI Columbus
  • “The first exhibition I have seen where ALL ages are engaged equally.”

    Arizona Science Center
  • “Mazes was a hit that our family audience LOVED!”

    Science North

Mind-Bending Adventure!

Maneuver your way through this collection of full-body games, 3-D puzzles, and mind-boggling illusions. Conquer puzzling challenges and discover new ways of problem solving around every corner.





Put Your Mind to the Test with Mazes & Brain Games

Do you think you can conquer the Mazes & Brain Games at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences? Check out the video below by Offline Raleigh + Durham. Maneuver your way through this mind-boggling collection of 3D puzzles and full body games. You will need to use your smarts, logic, balance, memory, and dexterity to solve the mazes and puzzles! Learn more >> http://bit.ly/2nCIwMa

Posted by Downtown Raleigh Alliance on Monday, February 12, 2018