Tropical Odyssey

"Tropical Odyssey is a Huge Success -
people love it!"

- Nicole Bickford, Butterfly Pavillion

"Tropical Odyssey is amazing -
and we are so excited to have it!"

-Kate Messenger, Discovery Center - Ocala, FL

Immerse yourself in the story of sustainable butterfly farming. Discover sustainable and unsustainable rainforest practices, rescue caterpillars from predators, help feed them, play Pupa Pick-N-Pack, and zipslide through the rainforest canopy.

Uncover successful rainforest enterprises that adhere to sustainability's triple bottom line, balancing people, planet & profit!



 Delaware Museum of Natural History
 Discovery Center - Ocala, FL
 Butterfly Pavilion, CO
 Washington State Fair
 Sloan Museum of Discovery

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Call at 206.782.0667

Themed mazes are powerful kinesthetic learning tools. The synergy between the physical acts of exploring a maze while mentally interacting with the curriculum engages and educates visitors of all ages and creates a memorable experience.